As we all know, finding gifts for our pets is not easy. Today we are going to focus on dogs! Watch out – there are loads of tacky things all over the internet, so…let’s go bonkers! Our team sweats our tits off to find something interesting so you can reveal your dog’s wild side! Don’t worry, they want to go bonkers too! Check out these top 6 best bonkers gifts for dogs:


1. Classy adjustable pet ramp

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Don’t be confused! This is a classy, stylish, and amazing piece of equipment! Could you imagine your dog showing off walking in like a boss? Go for a drive and let him enter your car boot with style. All neighbors will be jealous (you will see it in their eyes, they won’t tell you, bro/sis). Don’t be like other guys – you think you can have lazy days (i bet every day) and you force your dog to jump around?! Adjustable heights make it suitable for little dogs as well as big ones. It’s not going to snap easily.

Bonkers score: 7/10

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2. Top dog glasses

Top 6 best bonkers gifts for dogs! 7
Matrix, Top Gun, and Man in Black… Man, dogs love it! Don’t tell me you didn’t show him these classics. Disclosure – it’s not a gift for somebody, who drives slowly. You need speed to let your pet put his head out and feel the air! Loud music, open windows…that’s it. Gives him a fancy look, doesn’t it? Preferably for male dogs – easily attracts opposite sex and gives him extra seduction points. Competition destroyed in a second!
Top 6 best bonkers gifts for dogs! 8

Bonkers score: 9/10

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3.Friendly pet treat camera

pet treat camera 4
Top 6 best bonkers gifts for dogs! 9

If you miss your dog and want to take care of it even if you away, that’s perfect for you. You can see what is happening, tell your life story, cry together, watch series, etc and also feed just by clicking one button. If your dog could use amazon, he/she would definitely buy one and give you a nice surprise (especially if you check your bank statement). You can be 100% sure if you buy it, all treats from the device will be gone within minutes!

Bonkers score: 6/10

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4.  Superhero raincoat cover

luminous wet poncho

Green Lantern lookalike, unique, stylish, and obviously very bonkers item. If you experience a rainy or dark night some people might think it’s a ghost – which is perfect to prank them. Back home you give your puppy a reward for being a brave prankster. It is protecting well from rain and making your dog wet. Remember – the look is everything and your dog will appreciate it. The bottom line it’s increasing the safety of your dog, it is visible from a far distance, and honestly, it’s priceless. 


Bonkers score: 7/10

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5. Automatic dog paws spa  

dog paw cleanerMummy always told you to wash your hands before you eat food, right? It’s XXI century now, we do have electricity and we do have electric dog paw cleaner. It’s like having a private dog SPA at home. Dog-friendly cleaner, fully safe, and efficient will transform your puppy into a posh individual. Buy a few, open dog SPA, you will have an endless queue. Don’t thank me, just send a “thank you” bill with 10% of your income. Your welcome.

Bonkers score: 5/10

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6. Quick microwave pet hairdryer

pet hair dryer

Ok, so we are still in the SPA department. Why don’t we go into a nice “sauna style” pet dryer machine? Your pet is cold or fully wet, you put him into this microwave-looking thing and they having the best time of their lives? Sounds nice. Although it’s not cheap, it looks unusual. Fancy stuff. I’d try it myself.

Bonkers score: 9/10*

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*approved by Bonkers Jay



That’s all for now folks. Check out more bonkers gift ideas for pets here.

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