21 May 2021

Totally wacky Predator Motorcycle Helmet


If owning a fancy motorbike didn’t make you look bonkers already, now you can wear this wacky Predator Motorcycle Helmet to really turn some heads on the motorway.

Bonkers Buy


This Predator Motorcycle Helmet is a high-quality product that combines a wacky look and maximum protection.

★ Made of carbon fibre high-strength plastic, the carbon fibre material effectively absorbs the collision force by 200% compared with ordinary plastic. According to the principle of collision mechanics, the helmet body is designed to withstand pressure and protect the head more effectively. It is durable and lightweight, helping to keep the weight of the helmet.

★ With a black high-efficiency anti-UV lens, it effectively blocks 98% of UV rays. Designed with an aerodynamic shell for all seasons, breathable comfort, detachable, easy to clean, adjustable chin strap (quick release strap), extra comfort for the chin’s comfortable cushion.

★The helmet is certified by DOT and ECE 2205. Let you enjoy the speed and passion moments with confidence. Once you wear our custom Predator motorcycle helmet, inspire your inner beast!

★Applicable to motorcycle / locomotive / off-road / endurance competition / bicycle / Carter / ski resort / downhill safety protection

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