21 May 2021

Fun Garden Darts Missiles Game


So Bonkers Bob came up to me and said “Why did u put superglue on my dart? ”
I said, “You can’t just let it go can you”.

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So Bonkers Bob came up to me and said “Why did u put superglue on my dart? ”
I said, “You can’t just let it go can you”.

Product Description

Fun in the Sun – Dartz are an amazing outdoors game to play with family and friends

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ToyerZ DartZ brings you, your family, and your friend’s entertainment! Fun and laughs

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DartZ by ToyerZ – High quality and well-designed game ensures many fun hours for everyone.

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We tested and listened and redesign the game. Crazy Monkey DartZ comes with a heavy-duty beautiful and double-sided target mat. We designed the Mat to be visible from the shooting stand and to absorb the impact so that the darts stay on the target and do not bounce so much. This toy comes to immediate use at any party for children and adults alike. In any outdoor party or backyard party, this game is a winner. DartZ is a SAFE and AMUSING game, you will love it. Beach game, Picnic game, or Camping game, wherever you go you will be happy to play these darts. you might be! At home, on the beach, an afternoon in the park, a family picnic, camping with friends, outdoor birthday parties, and more. You will find this game funny and enjoyable with its many ways and forms to play. Take the included bag with the game inside and head for a fun time. We studied well the subject from performance, safety, quality, and usability aspects, and then we went a long way to give you a great product. DARTZ is made from durable PVC, significantly thicker and stronger than common products in its class. Our Mat is dual-layer PVC which makes it stay in place and not fly away with any weak breeze. Using stronger material allows us to get better quality print and durability.

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