20 May 2021

Funky Cat Carrier


Feeling sad of leaving your cat at home when you go for a nice stroll? Not anymore! Enjoy your nature walks and adventures together with your cat, pack him in this funky cat carrier and take on the world together.

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Some of us have the privilege of sharing our lives and serving the fluffy creatures – CATS! Whoever has one knows that the cats do not live with us but we live with them. Cats are not dogs and very rarely like to go for a walk on a lead, they would rather walk off by themselves without caring about their owners. How many times have you thought to yourself, why can’t I take my cat with me? I wish I could share this moment with my cat…

Guess what? With this portable cat backpack, you can take your cat wherever you go. No more sad moments when leaving for a walk without your cat or listening to a hysteric meowing. Pack your cat to this portable backpack and off you go! Show him the world and the places you love, enjoy your time together and never look back. Cats love to discover new things, the small window will let them see everything that goes around… You do not need a heavy cat carrier just, this superlight portable cat backpack, this will change your life as a cat servant, with both hands-free and your fluffy friend on your back.


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